Sep. 29th, 2009

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Title: Walking Nightmares [Evil!Sammy Universe]
Author: [ profile] eboniorchid
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester
Prompt: "031-Distressed, 006-Apathetic, 078-Raw, 051-Impressed, 015-Concerned" for [ profile] 100moods, challenge table here. "34-Cock Rings" for [ profile] 50kinkyways, challenge table here. "015-Toys" for [ profile] sam_slut_a_thon, challenge table here.
Word Count: ~33,000 words.
Rating: NC-17 for violence, sexuality, and language.
Warnings/Spoilers: Humiliation! Angst! Dark. Apocalypse. Dubious-con. Kink/BDSM. M/s. Bondage. Gags. Depilation (shaving). Wax play. CBT. Manipulation. Impact play. Spanking. Breath play. Rimming. Facesitting. Raunch (spit + dirty). Toys. Fucking machines. Orgasm control/denial. Biting. Claiming. Power!kink. Dreams. Reference to watersports, self-harm, and gunplay. Established relationship. Graphic m/m sex. Violence. Character study. Future. Plot. Wincest. Slash. Smut. Multi-chapter (complete). AU after "Simon Said". Potential spoilers through "Simon Said".
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Really. Nothing.
Summary: Sam's nightmares return, setting off Step 3 of the Initial Breaking Phase: Show him nothing but darkness until he learns to cherish the twilight.
Beta: Much luv for [ profile] orphan_project and L, as usual.
Soundtrack: From Blackfire's One Nation Under album - "Level", "Someone Else's Nightmare", and "Shattered". *UPDATED*
Author's Notes: This installment is the rough and dirty culmination of the Walking Series in this universe – "Walking", "Dreamwalking", and this piece. These stories, plus the forthcoming "Fucked", are really where you see the core of the breaking process, and then in "Going Down" the boys break each other further. If you need a refresher on Sam's nightmares, try "Plain Gold Band". // For more info about my Evil!Sammy Universe, including links to all installments, please go here.

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"Walking Nightmares," the next installment of the Evil!Sammy Universe, has just been posted. GO SEE!


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