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Fanfic – SPN/AngelTS: Damn Georgia Peaches (NC-17, Slash: Sam/Lindsey)

Title: Damn Georgia Peaches
Author: [livejournal.com profile] eboniorchid
Fandom: Supernatural/Angel the Series
Characters: Sam Winchester/Lindsey McDonald
Prompt: "Sam/Lindsey, fruit" for [livejournal.com profile] meredevachon over at [livejournal.com profile] technosage's Porncrastination: Porn-paragraph-a-thon!.
Word Count: 942 words.
Rating: NC-17 for sexuality and language.
Warnings/Spoilers: Kink (D/s). Foodplay. Carsex. Established relationship. Crossover. Smut. Graphic m/m sex. No spoilers.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Really. Nothing.
Summary: Lindsey enjoys the taste of Georgia peaches. Sam, however, enjoys other things.

Leaning back against the hood of his truck, Lindsey tossed the fruit gently and then caught it, taking a bite. Juice slipped over his lip and down his chin, the back of his hand swiping it away before he offered Sam the extra fruit in his pocket. "Georgia peach?"

"Uh ... no ... thanks." Sam's lips were parted slightly when Lindsey looked up at him and the short shake of his head made his bangs fall into his eyes until he swept them away again.

"Your loss, man." Lindsey laughed softly, tucking the second peach back into his pocket. He took another bite, the sweet leaking onto his tongue and down his throat as he chewed and swallowed and bit again.

He felt Sam move even before anything else registered, the creak of the hood releasing Sam's weight, the shadow Sam's height cast over him before he leaned in. But then Sam's mouth was on his, Sam's tongue stealing peach pieces from between his teeth, sucking its juices from the bow of his sudden smirk.

"Thought you said you didn't want any." He said, breathy and laughing against Sam's mouth when he could.

"I don't." Sam's teeth found Lindsey's bottom lip and skimmed before sinking in and tugging, then pulling away again. "Want you."

Sam's hips had found his, Sam's legs pressing his own open, wider, Sam's hands on his hips gripping and pulling him up, setting him on the hood, his heft making it sink just enough, just right. Then Sam was stealing his half-eaten peach, pushing his shirt up and slicking his warm stomach with the juice of it, his cock hardening like it had already been handled as he watched Sam crushing the peach in his large fist.

"Jeezus." He gasped the word as Sam's mouth burned across his abs, his tongue alternating licks that were sharp and soft but always shudder-inducing. He wasn't sure exactly how Sam got his belt undone and his fly half down with only a hand full of peach, five fingers, and his teeth, but goddamn. The heat of Sam's face pressed into his briefs made Lindsey buck into him, zipper nicking Sam's chin in a way that revealed blood when Sam looked up at him, laughing darkly and wiping it away with the back of his free hand. From there on, all Lindsey knew was the intent in Sam's eyes, the curve of his smirk, and the smell of a peach meeting its end on the metal beside him.

Sam's hands were hot as they pulled on his clothes, one sticky with juice, one smeared with red, and both making Lindsey's tongue lick lips that he wanted to be against Sam's again. But no, Sam's lips were back against his navel, following the wisps of hair to the mat at his groin, just as soon as Lindsey's bare ass was pressed against the car hood. Then that mouth was following the swirls of his peach-mussed and blood-stained hands, pressing kisses in patterns across one of Lindsey's hips and then the other, tasting one thigh and then the other.

Lindsey's fingers bunched and tightened, close enough to reach into Sam's hair, but holding back for reasons he couldn't determine beyond the increasing roar of need filling him from the center, up and outward. It meant that his almost pained grunt as Sam's mouth claimed the head of his cock was echoed in the slam of his fists on the curved metal beneath them, and when Sam's hands each wrapped over the top of his thighs and squeezed, Lindsey groaned but did nothing, went nowhere, just let go and let Sam. The truck got even more of a pounding as Sam sucked him further in, taking more time than Lindsey thought he could bear, but he held on anyway, his hips straining to push more of himself into Sam, his mouth spilling curses and filth and half-drawled insults mixed with growled encouragements. He felt the touch of teeth midway down, just enough to make him shout, enough to remind him who he'd given his power to and who had taken enough to satisfy them both.

It was easy to be delirious, sweat welling and slipping over his skin as he tipped his head back and let his eyes squint closed against the sun. Sam's tongue, over, under, and around him, was like some snake bewitching him and his cock shuddered and strained with the overloading sensations of it. At least, until Sam took him all the way down, that is, swallowed him smooth and whole into his throat. That was when the eclipse hit, when a string of cherrybombs with short fuses lit up his spine until he quaked, muscles tightening to a snapping point from his chest to his calves, his cock emptying itself down Sam's throat. The cycle of sensations just kept spinning up and down his body until Sam freed him, though, wet sounds and hard breaths accompanying the slide and lift of his mouth.

Then Sam stood up straight again, squeezing the thighs under his fingers until Lindsey set dazed eyes on him. "See?" He said it like it should make sense on its own, but Lindsey just blinked at him until a huffed laugh slipped out. "Didn't lose anything, dude. Got just what I wanted."

It was all Lindsey could do to laugh through his fucked-out exhaustion and sprawl across the hood as Sam tucked, zipped, and buckled him back in. Damn peaches, he thought, and damn Sam. He was going to be sticky and sweet and ripe for Sam's picking for days - he just knew it. For days.

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