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Fanfic – SPN: Two Dark Fics (R/NC-17, Slash: Sam/Dean)

Title: To Have Never Parted (As Good Have Grown There Still)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] eboniorchid
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester
Prompt: "Dean/Sam or Dean&Sam, “Was I to have never parted from thy side? As good have grown there still a lifeless rib.” (Milton)" by [livejournal.com profile] tigriswolf for [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic. " 082-Romantic" for [livejournal.com profile] 100moods, challenge table here. "01-Rituals" for [livejournal.com profile] 50kinkyways, challenge table here.
Word Count: ~405 words.
Rating: R for violence, sexuality, and language.
Warnings/Spoilers: AU. Apocalypse. Dark. Blood. Disturbing imagery. Power!kink. Romance (yes, I know, I'm twisted). Established relationship. Comment!fic. Plot. Graphic mentions of violence. Spoilers through Season 4.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Really. Nothing.
Summary: When Sam calls his brother back to life after far too many years in Hell, everything and nothing has changed.
Author's Notes: These are not the boys that you remember. I'm also pretty sure this and the piece below happen in the same universe.

No one came for him. No one until Sam. One hundred and twenty years he endured the torments of Hell, stepping down from the line of victims decades ago to take up a knife of his own and learn how to worship the screams.

When Sam came for him, it wasn't stomping through Hell with a hunter's fire blazing in his eyes and it wasn't as some Satan's pet or puppet. When Sam came for him, it was standing by his graveside, a hand outstretched with his eyes a searing white as Dean rose from the ground, the dirt trembling away from his unclothed body. His flesh smoldered with the symbols magick-branded into his remade chest.

"Sammy." You came for me. But I'm wrong now.

"Dean." I always will. And I don't care.

"How?" His nudity mattered not at all, but he took the offered clothes anyway: jeans, a tee, his scratched-up leather jacket. He never lost his brother's eyes, though, and didn't stop pondering the million dollar question.

"I ... harvested ... the grace of angels." Sam offered finally. "Their blood wasn't enough … though it paved the way." He looked down and then up again, regretless but aware of his path's trek from gray into the skeletons of shadows. "I tried the blood of demons first, but ... even Lilith couldn't call you up."

"Anyone left?" Dean's head tilted and he wondered vaguely if his eyes were black. "To kill, I mean." To bleed and not to save.

Sam arched an eyebrow, lips tipping toward a smirk. "Any minute now."

Dean grinned harshly through lips that felt perfect and new, like nothing he remembered. "Which side?"

"Do you care?" Sam murmured it against his brother's lips, an arm slung tight around Dean's waist. "Want me to save you something?"

Dean's kiss was a bloody, primal thing, but Sam hummed happily even as he lapped at both their shredded sticky mouths. "An angel, Sammy. … Yeah. Save me a girl with wings and I'll suck your dick with her blood in my mouth."

Sam laughed low and heavy, his joy a shining, dark, and vibrant thing filling up his brother's chest. "Damn. It's like you never left."

The lie tasted like truths gone mad, like sulfur smoke and stolen purity, like sweet choruses of screams. To them, though, joined at hip and hand again, the taste they sensed, alone, was 'together' ... Sam ... and Dean.

Title: Years Like Blood
Author: [livejournal.com profile] eboniorchid
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Alastair/Dean Winchester
Prompt: "Supernatural, Alastair/Dean, it was longer than forty years--but who's counting, right?" for [livejournal.com profile] tigriswolf at [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic.
Word Count: ~500 words.
Rating: NC-17 for violence, sexuality, and language.
Warnings/Spoilers: AU. TORTURE! Violence! Dark! Angst! Blood! Gore! Non-con! Highly disturbing imagery. Bondage. Manipulation. Weapons (knives). Established relationship (sorta). Comment!fic. Plot. Smut. Spoilers through Season 4.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Really. Nothing.
Summary: In Hell, Dean loses himself under the weight of years like blood.
Author's Notes: I'm pretty sure this and the piece above happen in the same universe, some very dark 'verse.

The demon's cock was dry and rough like the dead man's beard that he scratched across Dean's scarred and broken-open shoulders as they fucked. He didn't count the years anymore, let alone the days, the hours, the minutes. He didn't know how long he'd lain there, taking it, layers of blood caked and splashed down his front like an abstract painting. The eyes that stared at him were dead a while, always dead eventually, with something warm and unspeakable heaped between him and his victim's hollow body.

When she woke up screaming, her guts suddenly inside again, he flinched and hated himself for it.

"Tut tut tut, Deano." Alastair's voice slithered in his ear as the demon's blade snicked open once again. "Try it again, yeah?" Alastair slit him open for the hundred-millionth time, hot red welling from his neck to the crease of his ass, and the river of his own blood slicked the way for his perpetual rape.

Shaking with rage, Dean shouted hate-filled curses as he lifted his own arm and cut the woman's soul to shreds again, slow enough to make the screams feel like nothing, like water slipping past his mind. So when she died and lived again this time, he just stabbed and twisted into her deeper. Her tears and fresh wet screams were taken with control now, learned calm and learned joy, and he was grateful for the balm that her flailing sprayed over his dry, sewn-open eyes.

The dark blood that Alastair coated his lips with, his reward, tasted like power over pain and he drank greedily, eyes flashing curiously at the frightened man who suddenly replaced the tortured woman. "Alan, have you met my favorite, Dean? He's my favorite for good reason, you know."

Dean just formed his cracked and red-drenched lips into something that used to be a smile. Then he cut the new boy's stuttering tongue and let him babble, urgent, through the blood. "Funny." He wasn't sure whose voice it was, but he'd felt his own tongue move. There was laughter at his back, though, and a mirror of it in his chest, so he let his knife carve up a writhing human jack-o-lantern, fashioning a feeling for himself that was nothing that he could name. "Funny. Funny. Funny."

His sculpture even sang when it was finally lit up.

"Quite humorous, yes." The screaming stopped and Dean stopped smiling, a blistered hand shifting over his chain-stilled thigh. "And so … artistic." The demon's tongue teased the gouges in his shoulder, matching Dean's calculated breathing. "Very nice, Deano. I'm proud of you." His benefactor crooned and Dean's bloodied mouth hesitated its way toward a fitting empty grin. "Keep that up and you'll make apprentice in no time."

His stomach clenched and shook, but he ignored it, reveling, instead, in his toy's reviving gasp. It was a good day, a good month, a good year … like blood here … like blood. Unending.

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Tough stuff. *wipesforehead*

Anyway, I love the the brother's vicious, broken unity in the first one. Toogether, come what may or what it costs.

[identity profile] writingbyebonio.livejournal.com 2010-02-05 03:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you so much! These were fascinating products of my muse. :)

[identity profile] sam-dean-lover.livejournal.com 2010-01-19 09:22 am (UTC)(link)
so wrong but soo hot

[identity profile] writingbyebonio.livejournal.com 2010-02-05 03:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you! :D

[identity profile] lylithj2.livejournal.com 2010-01-19 12:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Both so beautifully dark and horrifying.
Years like Blood is most disturbing and amazing take on Dean’s years in hell I’ve ever seen.
Love your work.

[identity profile] writingbyebonio.livejournal.com 2010-02-05 03:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you very much! YLB was definitely a disturbing place to explore, even just momentarily, but I'm glad you liked it.
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[identity profile] cormallen.livejournal.com 2010-01-19 01:17 pm (UTC)(link)
I really love both of these, but especially the first one. Something about Sam and Dean coming together, even horribly broken and twisted, ready to take on the world in the worst way, really does it for me.

[identity profile] writingbyebonio.livejournal.com 2010-02-05 03:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you! I love S&D together no matter what, its one of the few times that my dark heart and my romantic heart are in agreement. ;-)

[identity profile] lovetheguys.livejournal.com 2010-01-19 02:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Whew! Tough reads for sure, and not for the faint of heart. Dark, yes, but brilliant, too. Well done!

Love, Robin
Editor, Supernatural

[identity profile] writingbyebonio.livejournal.com 2010-02-05 03:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Well thank you! I was rather surprised by both of these, but my muse refused to take them back, heh! :)

[identity profile] tifaching.livejournal.com 2010-01-20 12:30 am (UTC)(link)
Dark, dark, dark. I loved them. Years Like Blood was the most intense fic I've read yet about Dean's time in Hell. That he was being tortured still while he was torturing is just brilliant. Great stories, thanks for sharing!

[identity profile] writingbyebonio.livejournal.com 2010-02-20 07:52 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you so much! I'm always fascinated to delve into the shadows hidden in the shaddows and see what kind of fucked up stuff is in there. Glad you found it interesting! :)
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Wonderfully written! Some intense images! *draws bloody hearts around the fic*


yes, I know, I'm twisted
But you ain't alone! Lol

[identity profile] writingbyebonio.livejournal.com 2010-02-20 07:54 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you! This was both shocking and shockingly fun to write. Always glad folks enjoy a little twistedness! ;-)

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Have I've told you how much I love you recently? :D You just keep feeding my sick need for twisted and messed up boys and now you're writing Dean/Alistair on top of that. *tackles you*

*holds the pretty fic close to her dark and corrupted heart*

[identity profile] writingbyebonio.livejournal.com 2010-02-20 07:55 am (UTC)(link)
LOL! Why thank you! I do so enjoy feeding your beautifully twisted nature. It's a joy to have readers like you! ;-)
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You broked the boys... but it was sooo pretty...

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Heee! Yes, I broked them and I ain't fixing nothing! Of course, I tend ot be more of a breaker than a fixer, but ... you did say it was pretty, right? Awesome! Thank you! XD
varkelton: An Issue of Consent - Hug (SamnDean Hug)

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I'm afraid I'm guilty of that myself... ::looks innocent:: But yes, sooooo pretty...

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Awesome stories! I really liked these.

[identity profile] writingbyebonio.livejournal.com 2010-02-20 07:56 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you muchly! ;)

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Gods...GODS, yes!! Why have you not posted this to The Vault?!

*Shudders in black joy!*


[identity profile] writingbyebonio.livejournal.com 2010-02-20 07:58 am (UTC)(link)
Dude, I forgot! Sorry! I guess there is a bit of darkness in here, huh? LOL. Glad you enjoyed it! :)

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Mmmm...what's NOT to enjoy, love?


Actually thinking of posting some of this to the Vault myself:

He pushed Castiel off and turned for the door again, only to be caught mid-motion and slammed back into place, the plaster creaking with the force of his impact. Castiel pressed his body close, locking off any escape and it felt right, it felt good – this was what he came for – to ease the pain in both of them, to feel this, to find pleasure in Dean, in his body, his touch.

He caught Dean’s lips in a bruising kiss, capturing his wrists and holding them away as he pinned Winchester against the wall, knee coming up between his thighs to make escape impossible. Dean struggled against him, trying to turn his head away, break off the kiss – but Castiel was having none of it, tongue darting out to deepen the contact, his frustration at Dean’s resistance forcing him to nip at those soft lips until they opened for him, allowing him inside.

He curled his tongue around Dean’s, the taste of blood on his lips coppery, exciting, as he increased the pressure, chest to chest, his hips grinding into him, finding the sweet spot, the perfect place to position himself for maximum friction. Dean moaned low in his throat, the delicious sound vibrating straight to Castiel’s dick, goading him to thrust against Winchester’s thigh, feeling that same muscle flex against him, encouraging him as he hardened, all that anger, pain and lust driving him to rut mercilessly against him, all thoughts of restraint, of this being worse than a bad idea, of taking it easy blinded by need and fear.

He came up for air, drinking in with a small amount of wicked satisfaction the mussed, twisted features of his charge – blood smeared across his lips, eyes heavy with dark emotion, chest heaving as he fought for air. Dean flexed his thigh again and a smirk flitted across his face as Castiel groaned, hips surging back to meet it, his grip on Dean’s wrists tightening down, almost crushing as he fought for control.

“ This…this is why you see me,” he panted, licking his own blood from the corner of his mouth. “ I was Alistair’s pet whore – did you know that? I was good at it too, I could fuck like –”

“ Shut up,” Castiel growled. “ You will
not make me let you go.”


Maybe one day...
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What? WHAT?!! *searches frantically* WHERES THE REST OF IT?!?!

[identity profile] a-phoenixdragon.livejournal.com 2010-02-20 08:19 am (UTC)(link)
Tis not even complete...*sighs* Personal pornage - and yet, alas - no porn as of yet!


[identity profile] writingbyebonio.livejournal.com 2010-02-20 08:26 am (UTC)(link)
Awww! That's okay! Keep working at it! You'll get there!

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*cough* I mean ... you should totally post that ASAP! ;-)

[identity profile] a-phoenixdragon.livejournal.com 2010-02-20 08:24 am (UTC)(link)

*Is mean*

Dean leaned in, his voice heavy and menacing, and obnoxious leer on his face as he leaned in, his lips barely hovering over Castiel’s, eyes seeing through him, seeing the lust as it thundered and roared in his head, in his heart.

“ I would
beg him to fuck me…I’d get down on my hands and knees and we’d fuck in the blood of all those souls I sliced and diced – I would plead to suck his cock, I’d suck him all fucking day –”

“ Stop…
Dean –”

“ I was so
damned good at it, such a willing, fucking slut for him and any demon that would wave their dick at me – you get me? That’s why you need me, why you see me – though why you want the sloppy seconds of a demon –”

Castiel slapped him, disgusted and fascinated with the image of Dean, layered in gore on his knees in front of Alistair, those full lips opening wide to take Alistair’s dick, his tongue, his fingers –

Dean’s head rocked with the force of the blow, a pained groan escaping him as he slid slightly, caught only by the pressure of Castiel’s hips against him, one hand still pinning him to the wall; his eyes fluttering closed for a moment as he regained his equilibrium. The angel stared at his handprint against the shadowed plane of the man’s cheek, bright and shocking in the dim slash of light spilling though the window – regret churning in his gut even as disgust, rage and want warred for control.

Dean gave him the cocky Winchester grin, his eyes glittering with sick excitement and a deep
knowing, chin smeared with blood, coating his teeth. He looked feral, beautiful and insane – and Castiel found he only wanted him more.

“ That get you off, Castiel? Cause I can do that, too – take the pain with the pleasure. Sometimes, they would whip me before they fucked me –”

Stop it –”

“ – the feel of the blade against me, point of it just so across my throat - the taste of blood in my mouth as they took me against the Rack, the walls, all four on the floor –”

Stop it!!” Castiel thundered, horrified and close to weeping. He took a step back, dropping Dean’s wrists as though burned, hands coming up to hide his face from that look of loathing and lust that twisted Dean’s features into something alien and wrong. “ Stop this, Dean – you won’t get me to hurt you, to let you die –”

“ I’m a monster, Cas,” Sneered, determined but oddly soft. “ You should have left me in the Pit – but I can help you, rectify your mistake, you might say –”

No –”

Too late. In a flash, the gun was out, his other hand splayed against Castiel’s chest, pushing him away gently, the muzzle of the weapon pressed under Dean’s chin, safety off before Cas could blink. The angel froze, fear flooding his mouth with the greasy taste of dank metal, unsure who was faster – him or Dean’s trigger finger.

*Cackles wickedly*

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Dude, that's not mean, that's fucking EVIL! You are the devil on Castiel's shoulder, clearly! *GRABBY HANDS*

[identity profile] a-phoenixdragon.livejournal.com 2010-02-20 08:34 am (UTC)(link)
Hee!! I seem to be peering into darker and darker realms - and I am unable to keep the sick crap to myself anymore, lol!! This fic is bascially a dub-on that's more non-con. With Dean on the recieving end. Dammit why is he so much fun to fuck over and have fucked? Dammit. I'm getting worse in my old age!!


[identity profile] writingbyebonio.livejournal.com 2010-02-20 08:42 am (UTC)(link)
I think he has this kind of dual nature - strong but deeply vulnerable - and that makes him so beautiful when he's broken. You get to crack the hard shell and smash up his tasty soft insides, LOL.

[identity profile] a-phoenixdragon.livejournal.com 2010-02-20 08:45 am (UTC)(link)
Ohhhh, you put it so...deliciously!!

And Beautiful when Broken...my yes!!

Poor Dean - if only he'd realise that Cas' fascination may not be a good thing. Cas fucks him six ways from Sunday - and Dean just...lets him. I love my personal pornage, lol! Wait'll Sammy finds out! Whoot!

[identity profile] writingbyebonio.livejournal.com 2010-02-20 08:49 am (UTC)(link)
Oh come on! You can't tease me like that! If you're not ready to post it yet, at least let me beta it for you. *puppydog eyes*

[identity profile] a-phoenixdragon.livejournal.com 2010-02-20 08:52 am (UTC)(link)

Well...I have three parts so far - but they are all far from complete - and there is still more to go. I'm working on a BigBang right now, so I mess with this when I can (I currently have five fics going at once - eep! And two of them J2 - and I said I'd never write/read J2!!). If you don't mind long delays, you can have a look see at what I've got so far.


[identity profile] deadbeat-nymph.livejournal.com 2010-02-03 10:55 pm (UTC)(link)
These are amazing. You've packed so much into two such brief stories that I'm in raw awe.

[identity profile] writingbyebonio.livejournal.com 2010-02-20 07:58 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you so much! They were intense to write, but I really like the results and I'm glad you do too! :)