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Yeah, okay, so the infamously unfinished Kansas Badboys fic is still infamously unfinished, but I really wanted to give you fic for your birthday and it just refused to be something other than epic, so I put together these two scenes from the start of the competition. They are, like everything else, still heavily up for grabs in terms of rewrites (*cough/POVs/cough*), but I do hope you like them anyway and let me know what you think, okay? :-D Also? This is currently set for your eyes only, but if you'd like someone else to have access, just let me know and I can add them to this filter or, you know, make this public for a bit or something I'm thinking to make it public later, because it's a WIP but still kinda sexy, right? [DONE!] So, anyway … on to the abbreviated header.

Working Title: Lawrence vs. Smallville: The Epic Kansas Bad Boy Showdown [scenes from]
Fandoms: Supernatural/Smallville
Characters: Sam, Dean, Clark, Jason, Lex (pairings in these scenes being Sam/Dean, Clark/Jason, and Dean/Jason, with mentions of Sam/Jason and Clark/Jason/Lex).
Rating: NC-17 for language, sexuality, and violence.
Word Count: ~3000 words.
Warnings/Spoilers: blah blah blah Dub-con (implied non-con). blah blah blah M/s. Kink/BDSM. blah blah blah Plot. blah blah blah Smut. Graphix m/m sex. blah blah blah Spoilers for "Born Under a Bad Sign" maybe. blah blah blah LISTEN: The bad boys are evil, they like to fuck with their respective Jensen-Ackles-shaped boys. End of- … oh wait, not quite. Just read it already! XD

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I'm doing this a little differently than some of my fic comrades. Although most of the fics that birthed these snippets have various titles, universes, and contexts, I'm posting them without any of their specifics. You may speculate at will (in fact, I encourage it), but I won't be directly answering any "what is this from" questions for these. I will say, though, that while some of these are known to be in-progress, others I may have never mentioned before. If you plan to speculate anyway, note that the order has nothing to do with anything, so focus only on the content. Also? I'd say that it's difficult to take anything at face value when it's obviously out of context. And, as always, I reserve the right to modify or destroy these passages as I continue to work on these fics. Now then, go ponder the randomness within. *grins evilly*

13 Random WIP Snippets

[WARNING: Adult themes, angst, and darkness, including coarse language, sexuality, incest, kink/BDSM, prostitution, violence, and death. Spoilers for Supernatural seasons 1-2 and Smallville seasons 1-4.]

1. Dean is loyal and Sam is lost … or at least it seems that way … [FINISHED] )

2. Post-hunt fight-sex … or something like that … [FINISHED] )

3. Sam and Dean get clean … or bloody … [FINISHED] )

4. Sam brings a woman into the mix … does Dean pay the price? … [SCRAPPED] )

5. Someone dies … probably … )

6. Sam and Dean say goodbyes … or try to … )

7. Clark and Sam talk about changes … in shades of red and black … )

8. Sam and Dean lose big … maybe … )

9. Sam takes a life in public … and he likes it … )

10. Dean learns to accept a life in chains … or does he? … [FINISHED] )

11. Jensen's going for the kink again … in front of company … )

12. A callboy meets some corruptible cops … sort of … )

13. Sam and Dean come to an understanding … or not … )

NOTE: It's really interesting to look at all my different ways of approaching text all in one place. Maybe I should do this more often. Or, you know, actually finish something. *snerk*
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WIP for [livejournal.com profile] wip_amnesty!

Title: Funnnnnds
Author: [livejournal.com profile] eboniorchid
Fandom: Torchwood/Smallville (crossover)
Characters: Captain Jack Harkness/Clark Kent/Lex Luthor
Prompt: Originally for the Build-Your-Own-Torchwood Challenge and the 'Captain Jack Sexes Everyone In Every Fandom Ever' Challenge.
Word Count: ~650 words.
Rating: R for language and talk of sex.
Warnings/Spoilers: Crossover. AUish. Slash. Threesomes. Established relationship. Flirting.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Really. Nothing.
Summary: Ever wonder how Torchwood is funded? It's not all government funds. Jack's not a professional fundraiser, but he's pretty damned good at securing funds from sexy wealthy investors.
Author's Notes: I actually wrote this before Torchwood aired and haven't really had the motivation to go back to it. It could end here, but I hadn't intended for it to do so. So, we'll see.

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An Introduction to the Samdom Universe


Basic Premise: It's amazing how one encounter can change someone's whole life. Sam's encounter was with one Jack Harkness who opened his eyes to the world of consensual kink.

Summary to Now: Sam has a fantastic, life-altering, kinky sex-fest during his first Thanksgiving weekend away from his family. Jack Harkness, his play partner, though, isn't really the kind of guy who can stick around. It isn't long, though, before Sam finds someone new to play with, someone who comes to be totally devoted to him. When Shawn's devotion turns into a desire for life-long commitment, however, Sam tries to weigh his desire to be Normal with his kinkier interests and opts to try for Normal. Enter Jessica. Exit Jessica. The return to the Hunt pushes Normal out of reach again and Sam finds that his kinks never really left him.

Stanford ... and the Return to the Hunt )
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Banner by [livejournal.com profile] dauntdraws (thank the artist here!)

An Introduction to the Evil!Sammy Universe

Working Title: What You and I Were Meant to Be

Basic Premise: Sam, part-demon, is forced to embrace his darkness and aid the demonic war machine. As humanity loses the war, Sam takes Dean as his slave. But, of course, that's not the whole story.

Before … The Day … and After )


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